Variety Testing

There are two cotton variety testing programs.  1) Extension and 2) Experiment Station. 

The Extension testing includes both large plot (Replicated Agronomic Cotton Evaluation or RACE) and small plot (County Replicated Small Plot or CRSP).  These trials contain a limited number of entries and are conducted in producer-cooperator fields at varying locations and typically have 3-4 replicates. 

The Official Variety Testing (OVT) program is conducted on research stations, so it is called the Experiment Station testing program.  We planted OVT trials at the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Research Farms at Altus, Tipton, and Fort Cobb.  Trials at the Altus and Tipton sites failed due to lack of irrigation water/drought.  The only surviving OVT was at Fort Cobb.  These trials typically have a large number of entries (38 at Fort Cobb in 2012), 4 replicates, and are small plot in design.  


2012 Extension Cotton Variety Trials

Overview of 2012 Extension Cotton On-Farm Variety Testing

Location Summary for All Surviving 2012 Sites (includes cultural practices)

2012 Failed Sites and Stand Counts


Extension Replicated Agronomic Cotton Evaluation (RACE) Trials (Large-Plot Trials)

Beckham County 2012 Erick Center Pivot Irrigated RACE results

Beckham County 2012 Erick Mesonet Weather Data Files (May-October 2012)


Caddo County 2012 Carnegie Center Pivot Irrigated RACE results

Caddo County Fort Cobb Mesonet Weather Data Files (May-October 2012)


Custer County 2012 Hydro Center Pivot Irrigated RACE results

Custer County 2012 Weatherford Mesonet Weather Data Files (May-October 2012)


Harmon County 2012 Hollis Subsurface Drip Irrigated RACE results

Harmon County 2012 Hollis Mesonet Weather Data Files (May-October 2012)


Multi-Site RACE 2012 Trial averages for yield, storm resistance, plant height, Loan value, net value, micronaire, staple, strength, and uniformity


Extension County Replicated Small Plot (CRSP) Trials 

Tillman County 2012 Tipton Furrow Irrigated CRSP results

Tillman County 2012 Tipton Mesonet Weather Data Files (May-October 2012)


2012 Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Cotton Official Variety Tests

Overview of Cotton Official Variety Trials - 2012

Fort Cobb 2012 OVT Preliminary Data Tables

Fort Cobb Weather 2012 (PDF file)