Spray Various Irrigation Capacities


Altus Mesonet June Temp and Wind


June 2011 temperature chart




COTMAN Cutout Dates - All Locations


Estimating Cotton Yields


McCarty Boll Count Yield Estimation


Spray Various Irrigation Capacities


Diagnostic Service to Test Weeds PSS-2779


Insecticide - Nematicide Seed Treatment Chart


Making Replant Decisions 2007


Cotton Yield Goal- Nitrogen Rate Recommendation PSS-2158


11_25090 RMA Loss Adjustment Standards Handbook


FMC Display Label


NACB and Boll Maturity Handout 2012 - 9-4-12


Sharpen Full Product Label


Sharpen Supplemental for KS, NM, OK, TX


Failed Variety Trial Data - RACE and CRSP


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